Board of Directors

Nagarathnamma : Nagarathanamma has been with GREEN Foundation for more than 10 years and is actively involved in Janadhanya operations. She is part of the Devaralamma Community Seed Bank and Organic Input Producer Group in the Kulmedoddi village of Maralwadi area. She is involved in GREEN Foundation’s initiatives as Mahila Sathi, Community Resource Person and is a PGS farmer.
Shivamma : From Alanatha Village of Kodihalli Area, Shivamma has been with GREEN Foundation from the very early days. In her farmland, she cultivates Ragi and vegetables using local and indigenous varieties of seeds and makes vermicompost for use in her field. She is the treasurer of Sri Arasamma Community Seed Bank and Pongamia powder producer group and has been a strong advocate of Sustainable Agriculture in her community.
Vice President
Yashodamma : A PGS Farmer leader from the Anthegowdanadoddi village of Kodihalli, she has a kitchen garden based on both Permaculture and Raised bed techniques. An active participant in GF’s programs, she promotes Sustainable Farming by being a role model in her community.
Anitha : Anitha is a woman leader groomed by the WEA(Women’s Earth Alliance) project of GREEN Foundation. A PGS farmer who grows Ragi in her farmland, she follows mixed crop technique recommended by GREEN Foundation. She is self-motivated to become a community leader and has been regular in attending the leadersthip trainings by GF and Janadhanya.


Other Directors
Poornima has been with GREEN Foundation since inception and maintains farm diversity by growing herbal plants, millets, paddy, Ragi and a variety of mixed crops. She promotes Sustainable agriculture by growing vegetables in her kitchen garden, Rare variety demonstration plots and is a very active PGS farmer.
Rathnamma, a PGS farmer from the Gollaradoddi village of Kodihalli, is the president of the Siridhanya Millet producer group. Her Rare Variety Demonstration plot showcases different varieties of Ragi and inspires other farmers to use local seeds.
Basamma : From the Malligemeetilu village of Maralwadi division,Basamma is an enthusiastic PGS farmer and an energetic member in her local self help group. She has a kitchen garden aimed at reviving the traditional practice of backyard gardens with newer ideas of space utilization and varietal diversity for better nutritional supplement.
Chikkamma : A PGS farmer and a community Resource Person, she has been instrumental in encouraging her farming community in integrating livestock into farming to make it sustainable. She grows millets in her small landholding along with pulses.
Prema : A luminary of Sustainable Agriculture developed by the Women’s Earth Alliance Project, she continues to inspire farmers in her community as a Community Resource Person. She demonstrates the interdependence of Agriculture and Animal Husbandry by growing Azolla and fodder plants in her farm to feed her cattle which in turn gives the required manure for her land. She is a PGS farmer who conserves the diverse indigenous varieties in her Rare variety Demonstration Plot in collaboration with GREEN Foundation.
Sumathi : A politically influential woman leader from Chikkamaralwadi village of Maralwadi division, she is a PGS farmer who cultivates Red Gram, Finger Millet(Ragi), Ground nut and Avare using Mixed cropping method.
Mahadevamma : Mahadevamma is from the Aralimaradoddi village of Maralwadi division who cultivates Ragi and Red Gram in her dry farmland. She is the secretary of her local Self Help Group and has participated in various leadership training programs through GREEN Foundation.
Kumudavati : Relatively new to Janadhanya, Kumudavati joined GREEN Foundation’s initiatives as a beneficiary for Mahila Kisan Sashaktikaran Pariyojane(MKSP) project and has been a valuable envoy of Sustainable agriculture in her local community as the president of the local Self Help Group. She uses compost as a manure in her PGS farm where she cultivates Ragi(Finger Millet) by GULI method and Chilly Garlic Extract as pesticide in her kitchen garden with local vegetables.
Shivakumar C : Chief Program co-coordinator for the Mahila Kisan Sashaktikaran Pariyojane(MKSP) project, he has been the driving force behind the formation of Producer Groups associated with Janadhanya. With more than 13 years of experience in the development sector, he leads the production planning for Janadhanya supported by other field staff from Kanakapura.
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