Income generation programs



Handicraft forms the second largest employment sector in India, after agriculture.  There are twenty-three million craftspeople in India today.


In farming communities, GREEN facilitates training in handicraft making with an aim to increase their livelihood opportunities during the lean months after the end of the 120-day agricultural season. Baskets, bags, mats, etc. woven out of sun dried natural banana fibers have a large market both nationally and globally, and fetch a good supplementary income, especially in times of drought. Practised as an art for centuries, this traditional skill has been forgotten in recent times and it is GREEN’s aim to revive them within communities. Often exploited by middle men and unaware of the demand for their products, many artisans are in need of training before they can benefit financially from this art form. GREEN provides them with the entrepreneurial skills, resources, market linkage and machinery required to be autonomous producers of eco-friendly handicrafts. The project also provides compensation for the artisans both during the training as well as after it. 


Our goal is to empower nearly 100 artisans in handicraft making within the span of 1 year. 


Value added products

Community seed banks provide a platform for members to join together and make value added products such as papads, chutney powder, pickle etc. This especially empowers the women, as they are able to contribute to household expenses through the money they make from the sale of these products. GREEN facilitates these projects among community members through capacity building initiatives that teach them how to manage the schemes. 



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