• Provide market linkage for local indigenous seeds and farmer produce 
  • Promote Organic Farming and Sustainable Agriculture in the rural community 
  • Promotion of Participatory Guarantee System(PGS), a locally focused quality assurance system for organic certification, to build trust-worthiness of the farmer produce in the consumers 
  • Groom Community Resource Persons(CRPs) who serve as a bridge between Janadhanya and the rural community, to help and lead the community in various livelihood options by emerging as community trainers and performing their roles with minimum or no external support. 
  • Establish networking linkages between line departments and other institutions with the member groups. For Eg: Recently, a proposal has been submitted to the National Biodiversity Authority(NBA) to support the community seed banks as Ragi Heritage centers.
  • Initiate alternate income generation programs through producer groups. The producer groups help producer achieve more than they could individually and help in collectiveproduction and marketing for their produces fetching premium price. 
  • Monitor Community Seed Banks : A community seed bank is a place where these indigenous seeds are stored in humidity and temperature controlled environment to enhance the longevity and quality dedicated for further propagation among the local farmers and institutions. Community seed banks have contributed significantly to maintain crop diversity through active participation of the local farmers and using their traditional knowledge of seed saving and preservation evolved and passed on over centuries. Through this, the local farmers have established their own seed network to procure and share the seeds among themselves while attaining seed sustenance.
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