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Mr. Raghunathan
Mr. RaghunathanAs a social entrepreneur, Raghunathan's passion is to facilitate sustainable solutions at a scale that eliminate inequities, marginalisation, hunger and poverty. Guided by his 25 years' experience in the social development sector, he strongly believes that an integrated and people-centric ecosystem is a must, with a strong and sensitive private sector, to bring sustainable change at scale. The DNA for this change and transformation is to create an eco-system that integrates four elements – Capacities of the Communities, Efficiency of the Market, Reach and Vision of the Facilitators, and the Power of the State. Towards this, he strives to design scalable models and approaches, test them, nurture partnerships to reach scale and engage with policy to create enabling space, across multiple domains that affect the lives and livelihoods of the vulnerable and marginalised communities. The models that he initiated have touched over 120,000 farming households, 150,000 communities vulnerable to health issues, 40,000 households affected by water-related issues and over 500 women-owned businesses


Dr.Vanaja RamprasadVanaja Ramprasad, PhD: the Founding Trustee of GREEN Foundation, she has tirelessly contributed to the growth of the organization without expecting monetary benefits except a small honorarium. Her commitment to the cause has been the major force behind what the organization has achieved in the last fifteen years in the face of many difficulties.

In recognition of the hard and tireless work Dr.Vanaja Ramprasad was invited to receive the Equator Initiative award in 2004, was given the "Woman in vocation award" by the Rotary in 1997 and "for the sake of Honour" in 2004 by the Rotary. She has been selected as one of the world board members of the "International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movement" and was invited by the IAASTD to be a lead author in the world wide event to prepare the document on Science Technology and Development impacting agriculture.


Dr D AshokD. Ashok, MBA: the C.E.O of Gossamer Consultants, this leading industry expert is a graduate of the esteemed Indian Institute of Technology, Madras and the Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore where he is a visiting faculty member. An active Rotarian, he is deeply committed to community development at a grassroots level and helps organizations achieve their full potential through expert guidance at a strategic and operational level. With an illustrious career spanning more than 3 decades, he continues to be dedicated to the empowerment of India.
Dr D AshokMr. Ananda Gundurao
Is a graduate from Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore. Ananda has over three decades of experience in the corporate sector. Retired and settled down in Bangalore, his interest is to bring best organizational practices of corporate sector to social organizations and build necessary managerial capability.
Dr. A. R. VasaviA. R. Vasavi , PhD: a graduate of Michigan State University, this social anthropologist based in Bangalore, she was formerly a faculty member with the National Institute of Advanced Studies, Bangalore. She has taught at Tufts University and the Indian Institute of Management, Kozhikode.

Her academic interests are in sociology of India, agrarian studies and sociology education. Her publications include, Harbingers of Rain: Land and Life in South India (OUP 1999), In an Outpost of the Global Economy (co-edited with Carol Upadhya, Routledge, 2008), The Inner Mirror: Translations of Kannada Writings on Society and Culture (The Book Review Press, 2009). Another book, Suicides and the Predicament of Rural India is forthcoming. She is also a member of Punarchith Collective, which focuses on alternative education.
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