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Cultivating seed Links ( CD-ROM ) - An interactive CD ROM on bio-diversity and its conservation.

Community Seed Bank (CD-ROM, Duration 6 mins)- as a way of managing Agro-biodiversity - gives a glimpse of GREEN foundation's activities in conserving indigenous varieties, stabilizing Community seed Banks and the role of women in managing seed banks.
Seeds In Internal Exile- (DVD, Duration 16:55 mins)- The film depicts traditional bio diversity based dry land agricultural farming systems which rely on farmer selected and farmer developed varieties of cereals, pulses, oilseeds, vegetables etc. This approach we believe is crucial in providing wholesome food and good nutrition
Nurturing Seeds - Learning from Farmers (Duration : 19 mins) opens up the world of agro biodiversity conservation, role of women in seed conservation, ill effects of chemical farming and GREEN Foundation's efforts in conservation, multiplication and propagation of local and indigenous varieties
Sustainable agriculture - Farmers show the way(Duration - 12:40 mins). This DVD explores various sustainable agricultural practices. Preservation of diversity in agriculture which is crucial to supply of much needed seed and food security of small and marginal farmers.
A system in Transition - Organic Trail and small farm holders(Duration - 25:21 mins). The CD-ROM shows transformation of farmers towards organic farming. Efforts of karnataka stat government in inspiring farmersto transform to organic agriculture.


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