Is Softened Well Water Best For Crops?

Water is an essential component for both plants and animals. Naturally, there are areas that have hard water which in most cases have a bad taste and that is the reason most people opt to use a water softener to improve on its taste. The difference between hard water and soft water is the mineral component. The main function of the water softener is to remove the excess mineral but the addition of sodium and potassium in it. Similarly, we have different soil components- the acidic and alkaline soils.

There is no definite answer on whether soft water is advisable on crops or not. There are many factors that you need to consider. Some of them include

  • Soil PH
  • The mineral component of the soil
  • The prevailing climatic conditions
  • Availability of rainwater

You have to consider the installation costs on your fixtures with a well water softener to decide on whether you will use it or not. When you are in a dry area then you notice that rainwater is challenging then you need to take note of the amount of soft water you use for your crops. Plumbers have devices a way to have a win won situation between the humans and the crops. At the point of entry, they have two pipes, one that goes to the soft water treatment plant and the other goes directly to the tank for watering purposes.

Prolonged use of soft water as the only source of water for your plants has an effect on the high level of salts. This alkalinity can kill specific crops that only thrive in acidic soils. Moreover, for alkaline soils, it will thrive yes but it will affect its productivity. It is advantageous when you have rainwater since it will reduce the alkaline level of the child. This comes in handy to take the minerals deep down in the soils hence improving on the chemical component.

It is advisable to get a soil expert who will measure the PH of the soil to advise if t is important to use soft water on the plants. If yes, they will go further and check on the quantity that is recommended to maintain a good yield or rather to flourish in the case of the flowers. When we talk of salts then soft water is the kind of water to use. Naturally, the salts have a hazardous effect unless there is rainwater as a subsidy to neutralize the alkaline state.

The fact that soft water increases the alkaline state, then through the process of osmosis, they tend to remove water from the soil as well as interfere with the rate at which the water is absorbed in the plant. Its prolonged use now leads to withering and further death of the plants.

Is Softened Well Water Best For Crops? This is a question has a relative answer due to the factors mentioned above. This now explains why in some parts of the country they use it to their benefit while in others it is disastrous. It all depends on the natural soil PH.

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